Schools, Utilities etc.


Deerfield is zoned for the following schools:

     West Hills Elementary

     Bearden Middle School

     Bearden High School


Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) provides electricity, gas, water and sewer services for Deerfield.
Comcast has underground TV/Internet cables installed in Deerfield.
Satellite TV/Internet service is also available.


The City of Knoxville provides free garbage and recycle pick-up service for Deerfield, and special bins have been provided for each unit. Weekly garbage pick-up is currently scheduled for Thursdays, Recycle pick-up is provided bi-weekly on Tuesdays.
The bins must be removed from the curb and placed out of sight as soon as possible after pick-up and are NEVER to be stored in front of units or on front porches.


The following restrictions apply to the installation of satellite dishes:
1. They do not exceed 18 inches in diameter.
2. They are installed at the rear of the residence.
3.  They are not visible over the roofline from the front of the property.

Children Singing in a Choir